Start Selling at Market Week

Learn how to position, promote and gain a return on investment from your very first trade show.

Hi, I'm Gretchen Harnick, founder and President of Pattern to Plan.  I see so many new designers lose everything at their first market week and leave feeling discouraged and broke.

But the excuses you may be using "This was a bad show...The buyers weren't here....The economy is down" are excuses and not the reality for winning fashion brands.

I have been mentoring more than 50 emerging international fashion designers
 who exhibit in Paris, France since 2015. When they use all the strategies and ideas I taught them, they have seen huge success.

Some have been picked up by major retailers in Paris and Japan, others connected with top showrooms and also with the international press. Based on years of experience and this recent success, I prepared a whole course Making Money at Market Week to include the best sales strategies and techniques for you.

If you are frustrated up to HERE (raises finger to top of head) and done with having unsuccessful market week experiences, it's time to start making money at market week. It is possible!


Grab your own copy of the course today and as a bonus, I will hop on a 15 minute call with you to answer your specific questions.  Take advantage of this now while I still have time in my schedule to offer this!

I cannot wait to support you and your business to be crazy successful at Market Weeks.

Yes! It's time to Make MoneyGrab the course now $219- USD

Join me for this brand new course starting as soon as you purchase it.  It's time you start making real money in your business.

What you will learn in this self-guided course:

  • MODULE One

    You will…

    +Nail down how to talk about your work
    +Pinpoint exactly what the buyer wants to hear
    +Understand why and how memorizing your pricing will get you sales everytime
    +Learn multiple insider strategies to invite buyers to your booth

  • MODULE Two

    Join the course and plan to…

    +Master essential, easy to execute, non-slimy selling skills
    +Discover how line sheets and order forms work together (Bonus – you get the templates I have used for years)
    +Uncover the key to having a high energy booth because high energy = high sales!
    +Understand the truth behind Look Books

  • MODULE Three

    And in the final module…

    +Learn the key components of post-show follow up -prioritize those business cards you’ve collected for maximum impact
    +I share simple yet little know proven methods to selling after the show has ended


  • Top 10 Questions Buyers Ask

    I explain the top 10 questions, buyers ask at Market Weeks, and what you need to know to sell. One of the most critical topics I review is about factors and financing your line – not to be missed.

  • Interviews with International Designers

    You can immediately start listening to recorded calls with 9 Future of Fashion global winning designers. These new fashion and accessories designers won free booth space at Paris, France’s biggest global show. Listen and learn from their experiences.

  • Sample Linesheet + Order Form

    Download the customizable Order Form and Demo Line Sheet I’ve created to help you quickly get to the shows.  Plus, I walk you through each element included on the forms. You will finally understand how they work together but need to remain separate documents.

  • Audio Support

    Each guidebook is accompanied by a full audio recording.  I walk (and talk) you through the guidebooks offering case studies and stories from my showroom and working for clients from Tokyo to New York City and beyond.  The audio guides allow you to listen, follow along and reinforce how to apply the techniques to your business. These are yours for your lifetime!

+PLUS a live call with me.

As part of the program, I am offering you a one-on-one 15 minute call.  On this call, you will have the chance to ask your burning questions, gain clarity on how to approach working the trade shows, and get laser coached to prepare you for your next market week.  I want to be certain you fully are prepared and can ask me specific questions related to your business and market weeks.

Start Selling$219- USD

Gretchen provided solid marketing feedback as it related to my brand story and getting people as excited and passionate about the growth of my business as I am. Her advice was concise and very on point with how I want to grow.

Casey D. Sibley
Casey D. Sibley Accessories Designer

Gretchen is a great help to the creative mind and entrepreneur, because she helps connect the dots and gives you a language for business. I think that Pattern to Plan has given me structure, but also helps me realize the creativity I can put within that structure.

Renee Torres
Renee Torres In Our Time

So what do you say, are you ready to start MAKING MONEY at Market Week?!

Join me for this brand new self-guided course starting as soon as you purchase it.  "Making Money at Market Week".  It's time you start making real money in your business.

Yes! It's time to Make MoneyGrab the course now $219- USD

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